Our Company

SSCGI Systems and Software Consulting Group Inc. (SSCGI) is a privately-held corporation established in 2001 by a group of I.T. professionals headed by Mr. Joey Mamaril, who is also the current SSCGI President and CEO. SSCGI provides total I.T. solutions to businesses, both private and public, in such areas as Fraud Detection (Anti Money Laundering), Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Mobile Solutions, and Customized Software Development.

SSCGI has secured its place in the Philippine I.T. industry as one of the leading Solutions Integrator that delivers excellent products and services to its customers. The company has acquired a reputation as an industry expert in its areas of focus, built mainly through its experienced and highly-skilled personnel, proven delivery methodologies, and extensive industry experience.

SSCGI provides a portfolio of products and services that address our customers' business needs. Over the years, SSCGI has partnered with both local and foreign technology companies and currently some of the business solutions that it delivers include:

  • Fraud Detection for the Financial sector (with the Base60 Anti-Money Laundering solution)

  • Enterprise Content Management (with the Onbase suite of solutions)

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (with Microsoft's Dynamics AX suite of solutions)

  • Automated Bus Ticketing system (PDA-based solutions)

  • Extract-Transfer-Load (ETL) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

  • Customized software development and Turnkey projects

SSCGI has a Products and Solutions Laboratory of all the solutions that it carries. New versions of software are installed and updated regularly and the latest products of its business partners are showcased to its clients and customers.

The tagline "We Design, You Decide" serves as a testament to the company's dynamism, always looking forward into the future, acquiring new ideas and fresh perspectives, and always ready to adapt and address the ever-changing business needs of its clients and customers. The company constantly keeps itself abreast with the latest developments in the field of Information Technology and is single-minded in its pursuit of product and service excellence.

Corporate Mission: "We are I.T. professionals committed to provide customer-centric solutions using leading-edge technologies. We pledge to adhere to the highest professional standards to achieve our goals. We aim to contribute to the nation's economic growth."

Corporate Vision: "We aspire to become a leading force in our industries of focus and eventually establish a presence in the global market."

Corporate History and Milestone

From the company's incorporation in 2001, SSCGI was focused mainly on Enterprise Content Management, Imaging, Workflow, and Business Intelligence systems. The company represented Hummingbird Ltd. and successfully marketed its products and services in the Philippines. From 2001 to 2003, SSCGI acquired numerous projects in systems development and delivered turnkey solutions to diverse industries engaged in manufacturing, distribution, shipping and logistics, power and utilities, transportation, and education.

The year 2004 was a significant year for the company when it was contracted by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Anti Money Laundering Council (BSP-AMLC) to develop its framework on Anti-Money Laundering which would later on become the standard across all universal and commercial banks in the Philippines. Among others, SSCGI Developed the AMLC Portal which served as the main gateway used by the Philippine banks to submit the mandated reports covering suspicious bank and treasury-related transactions. The Anti Money Laundering system delivered by SSCGI, based on the Base60 AML, monitors suspicious banking and financial transactions using rule-based scenarios. By 2011, SSCGI has acquired the biggest market share in the Anti Money Laundering space in the Philippines, accounting for 25% of the universal and commercial banks market as its customers. Some of its customers from the banking industry include Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas-AMLC, Security Bank, Philippine Bank of Communications, Bank of Commerce, Philtrust Bank, Asia United Bank, United Coconut Planters Bank, China Banking Corporation. The list continues to grow.

During the same year, SSCGI became a Business Partner and Reseller of Microsoft for the Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains product suite. From basic reporting to sophisticated analyses, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives people across organizations fast, relevant access to information using familiar Microsoft tools.

In 2006, SSCGI implemented the Automated Bus Ticketing System (ABTS) with Handheld Devices. It is the only solution that can manage multi-location operations, integrated modular facility to avoid fraud, and has embedded fail-safe features to manage the daily business operations of Transportation companies. Currently, some of our clients in the Transport industry include RRCG, Lucena Lines, Aerobus Transit, Victory Liner, Erjohn and Almark Transit, and Five Star Transit.

In 2009, SSCGI formed a business partnership with Hyland Software of the United States. Hyland is the developer of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and process management software suite called OnBase. Hyland chose SSCGI as its Preferred Business Partner of its various products, ranging from Document Management, Records Management, Imaging and Workflow Solutions, Business Intelligence, Portal and Knowledge Management.

In the same year in 2009, SSCGI becomes a Reseller and Implementation Partner of the Microsoft Dynamics AXAPTA Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers a rich industry foundation on which partners build packaged applications for niche verticals, such as high-tech manufacturing, architecture and engineering, and specialty retail. These industry capabilities can help organizations further improve their business competitiveness in key industries such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Financials, Retail, Services, and the Public Sector. Currently some of the key customers of SSCGI with the Microsoft Dynamics AXAPTA include United Coconut Planters Bank, Philtrust Bank, Vallacar Transit, and NAMRIA.

In the year 2012, SSCGI officially started marketing its Human Resource Information System (HRIS) into the market. Some of the features of our HRIS include:
  • Applicant tracking, interviews, and selection

  • Management and succession planning

  • Training

  • Employee movement

  • Timekeeping and Payroll

Electronic Content Management

SSCGI offers a wide range of ECM products that is proven to be very comprehensive, but never overwhelming. Modular by design, the ECM solution allows you to select only the functionality you need when you need it, growing with your enterprise whenever you're ready to take the next step. Whatever format your business information takes, from paper documents to electronic data streams, SSCGI's ECM solution can capture it all, making it available from one central place. After all, it is your content. SSCGI's ECM solution simply helps you work with it more efficiently. With SSCGI's ECM solutions, all your important business content is accessible in one place. Your employees get instant access to the information they need, exactly when they need it, revolutionizing your business processes. Best of all, your information is safe and secure.


The following features are some of the key capabilities of our ECM solutions:

  • Email Management: enables organizations to organize and classify email within the document repository while complying with corporate governance, privacy, and other requirements.
  • Records Management: offers a complete records management solution to address legal and regulatory issues around records, mitigate business risk and avoid the costs associated with improper record handling. It also averts the consequences that lost or invalid knowledge assets have on the long-term viability of organizational decision-making abilities.
  • Collaboration: provides a highly secure, web-based collaborative workspace that allows dispersed teams across and beyond the enterprise to work together more effectively and productively.
  • Document Imaging: By transforming paper-based documents into digital knowledge assets, our imaging solution dramatically reduces the cost of filing, storing, and retrieving paper documents.
  • Business Process Management: Whether workflow tasks are document-centric or intensely decision-based, our ECM solution significantly increases productivity by automating complex, recurring and user-driven processes while minimizing the costs of document creation, review and handling, as well as administrative tasks associated with business process management.
  • Web Publishing: enables organizations to rapidly leverage content from its central document repository for use on Intranets, Extranets and Web sites.
  • Engineering Document Management: Seamless integration with AutoCAD enables organizations to work more effectively with engineering documents while strategically incorporating them into enterprise document repositories for easy organization and retrieval.
Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions, such as Microsoft Business Solutions, are integrated business management systems that automate financial, manufacturing, sales and customer service processes - as well as outside vendors and others. ERP software solutions also manage the relationship between a business's internal and external resources, providing visibility into these resources and providing controls within the processes. All our software products work like and with the Microsoft Office applications your users are already familiar with, lowering training costs and speeding adoption. SSCGI offers these solutions:

Financial Management Solutions
Our suite of financial management solutions will reduce time spent on accounting tasks so you can allocate more time to the productive tasks that improve your bottom line. SSCGI offers a suite of financial management solutions based on the Microsoft platform, which help your company achieve the following:
  • Manage your Finances Better, Easily track, manage, and analyze financial information with our suite of financial management solutions. You can easily select and configure the information you want to see, based on your unique requirements.
  • Boost Efficiency. Become more efficient without the need to re-learn an accounting software with a fully automated accounting solution featuring a highly intuitive user-interface. And because our solutions are built on the Microsoft platform, configuring the software is straightforward.
  • Make Informed Business Decisions. Gain insights from data mining to make better
  • Protect your Information. Improve security of your financial data within our financial management software.
Manufacturing Solutions
Our manufacturing solutions will help your company attain world-class standards in manufacturing, enhancing operational processes and increasing competitiveness through best practices. Our Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) solutions are production planning and inventory control systems used to manage manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing solutions include inventory control, bill of materials processing, and elementary scheduling. Our MRP system is intended to meet these objectives:
  • Achieve Greater Inventory Control. Ensure that materials and products and available for production and delivery to customers when they are needed.
  • Reduce Costs. Maintain the lowest possible level of inventory to reduce costs.
  • Plan Ahead. Plan your manufacturing activities, delivery schedules, and purchasing activities to enhance efficiency and increase productivity.
Supply Chain Management Solutions
SSCGI's supply chain management (SCM) solutions connect different teams from purchasing, warehousing, to sales to enable efficient delivery of the right goods to the right place at the right time. They provide our customers with ways to plan, coordinate, and execute delivery of goods productively, and help our customers achieve these outcomes:
  • Obtain a Familiar Solution. Obtain a familiar, intuitive, and efficient solution with Microsoft Dynamics and utilize it to improve supply chain efficiency without spending time in product training and learning.
  • Save Time. Be on top of your inventory control system to reduce data entry and save time.
  • Make Investment Management Easy. Enable better collaboration between individuals, improve team productivity and streamline operations as a result of improved logistics management.
  • Drive Collaboration. Drive team collaboration by bringing supply chain functions online to individuals both inside and outside the company.
Human Capital Management Solutions
SSCGI offers Human Capital Management Solutions that allow you to nurture and develop the company's most important investment: your people. Grow your business without sacrificing HR management initiatives with a reliable human resource information system (HRIS). Proactively manage your human capital and accomplish these for your people:
  • Get Real Time Information. Gain insights into performance and risk in real time with our sophisticated analytical tools.
  • Make Better Business Decisions. Make informed decisions about staff resourcing and reward performance based on quantifiable merit with our HR management solutions.
  • Customize your Solution Based on your Needs. Customize your solution to suit the needs of your specific industry vertical to ensure best practice.
  • Pay your Staff Efficiently. Pay your staff quickly, accurately, and efficiently across multiple sites with our state-of-the-art global payroll software.
  • Obtain an Easy-to-Use System. Attain a user-friendly and wizard-driven global payroll system.
Customer Relationship Management Solutions
Implement an effective strategy to manage your interactions with customers and prospects to increase sales success, deliver superior customer service, and make informed decisions with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions. Our affordable CRM solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to customize for companies of all sizes. Different organizations have different types of customer relationships. Our CRM solution has the capability to manage a variety of relationships using Advanced Developer Extensions, or xRM. Improve sales success by achieving the following objectives for your business:
  • Make your CRM Software Work Based on your Unique Needs. Easily manage different types of relationships by developing Web-enabled applications with Microsoft xRM with ADO.NET technologies.
  • Make your Business Applications Work Together. Boost productivity by integrating our CRM software with other Microsoft business applications.
  • Experience the Benefits of Reliability. Built on the .Net platform, our CRM solutions are highly reliable, providing peace of mind as well as responsiveness.
  • Compress the Learning Curve. Provide your employees a familiar software environment and tools that they are comfortable with and easy to adopt.
  • Increase Sales Success. Provide your employees streamlined, automated tools to increase sales success.
Banking Solutions

As banks strive to offer more services to their existing customers, they have come to recognize the value in more targeted technology investments and high-quality service. To remain competitive, financial institutions will have to renew their commitment to strategically invest in new technology that reduces costs, improves efficiencies and boosts revenue-generating initiatives. This presents challenges as banks need to manage complex technological divergence in a converging market. Recognizing these challenges, SSCGI has created its banking practice to help financial institutions improve enterprise performance, comply with regulatory mandates, boost operational efficiency and better serve their customers. With solutions and services created for the banking industry and a proven record of domain expertise, SSCGI can manage the critical challenges within the financial services industry, such as:

  • Preserving investments in legacy systems while leveraging new technologies to drive down transactions costs, and expand and improve customer service
  • Integrating disparate enterprise-wide systems to generate operational efficiencies
  • Accelerating the deployment of new systems
  • Reducing technology costs and increasing ROI
School Management Solutions

SSCGI's customized school registration software is an easy to use, responsive and flexible alternative to manual, paper-based handling of school management processes. School officials and its employees can control registrations, waiting lists and limit access all from one centralized, intuitive program. Notify parents, communicate more efficiently with email, and eliminate tedious paperwork instantly. SSCGI's school management solution increases organization and makes managing large amounts of information a snap. The solution enables its users to create tailored emails and powerful communication tools that keep everyone in your school community up to date on events, activities, meetings, deadlines and more. Systems and Software Consulting Group, Inc. is a proud provider of student registration and enrollment system to thousands of districts and individual schools across the Philippines.


  • Integrated Academic and Financial System Complete solution from admission to student accounting that enables proper analysis and tracking of account receivables from students.
  • Efficient Allocation of Resource Automated forecasting of schedule.
  • Accurate and Timely Reporting Generates CHED, DepEd and other reports based on actual enrollment transactions.
  • Customer Satisfaction Web-based system--access anytime, anywhere. Automatic computation and validation.
  • Local Support Developed and supported by a leading Information Technology company based in the Philippines.
  • Easy Maintenance and Security Fully documented and can be easily maintained by in-house I.T. with security access to different modules.
  • High Degree of Scalability Designed to grow with your increasing requirements.


  • Admission
  • Pre-enrollment
  • Enrollment
  • Post-enrollment
  • Scholarship
  • Inquiry
  • Student Accounting Block
  • Forecasting Block
  • Grading System Block
  • Student Information Block
  • Student Affairs
Mobile Solutions

SSCGI offers end to end software services using different handheld and mobile devices from conceptualization to commercialization of the application. Our customer's leverage our experience in platforms like Windows Mobile, Win CE, Linux, Symbian, J2ME, Blackberry, Android, BREW or Proprietary Platforms to meet their business objectives. Our company is the proud and pioneer developer of different solutions being used in the Transport Industry as well as other retail and manufacturing companies. The following is our customized solution using different handheld and mobile devices: